Renowned COF Bonding Manufacturer In Delhi GT Karnal Road

Our company VD Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd manufactures COF bonding machine, delamination machine laser lcd repair machinbe (VD512), LCD Vaccum Laminating Machine. We are the leading in LCD/LED panel Repair as well as utilizing this technology for long time . We also deal in ACF remover, best quality ACF tape as well as COF/TAB ics. Our LCD/LED panel repair setup has been installed at more than 800 locations worldwide.VD-680-ps and VD 580 PS is the most well-liked acf LED LCD bonding machine.



Best solutions for bonding of COF IC with fast as well as simple to operate VD 580 PS bonding machine. it is a kind of high precision repair equipment for repair different sizes of LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel. ACF Bonding Machine is an excellent solution for panel repair in bonding technology, this is the most high-end technology of LCD TV screen repair, LED TV screen repair. It is widely used as the main device LCD/LED/TAB screen repair of large-scale production factory.

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Our Address

 G T Karnal Road Industrial Area B35/6, B Block 

Near Bikaner sweets, Opp Guru Nanak Piao Gurudwara


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